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Meet The Team

Our team pairs drug discovery and financial strategists for an innovative biotechnology startup model that puts scientists and patients first.

Hemanta Baruah  
Founder & CEO

An experienced drug developer with an approved checkpoint inhibitor and several additional candidates in advanced clinical trials.

Errik Anderson  
Board Member

Founder and CEO of Alloy Therapeutics. Serial biotech scientist entrepreneur including co-founding Adimab, Alector, Arsanis, Avitide, and Compass Therapeutics.

Chris Pacheco, PhD  
Strategic Advisor

General Partner at 82VS, Alloy Therapeutics’ affiliated venture studio. Formerly Chris was at Polaris Partners, Roche Diagnostics, and the Whitehead Institute.

Piotr Bobrowicz
Scientific Advisor

Chief Scientific Officer at Alloy Therapeutics and former Chief Scientific Officer at Compass Therapeutics.

Manoj Sabnani  

Associate scientist at Alloy Therapeutics, previously lab coordinator at University of Texas Arlington and researcher at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Purdue University Calumet.

Vikram Mavinkurve  
Associate Scientist

Previous immunotherapeutics, immune monitoring, and epidemiology researcher at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Taylor Gray  

University of Chicago PhD with a focus on tumor microenvironment for cancer immunotherapy, previously a predoctoral researcher at Adimab.

A Special Partnership

Incubated in Alloy Therapeutics’ affiliated venture studio, Aakha.bio was created through a collaborative partnership model that leverages access to Alloy’s ATX-Gx™ transgenic mouse, suite of antibody discovery platforms, and discovery services.

Alloy Therapeutics

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